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May Wrap-up June 2, 2011

Posted by Galaxy in Musings.
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It’s as hard to believe that it’s June as it is that the thermometer is suddenly breaking 80 degrees, but that’s what the calendar is telling us, so it must be true!

Here’s a look back on the month that was May:

Our esteemed Senator Bernie Sanders made a "surprise" visit. (We learned about it only a few days in advance.)

Jem entertained his own visitor. They were overheard discussing the timelessness of a black and white ensemble.

Ivy made her debut as the youngest member of our merry band of booksellers.

She is already a staunch advocate for early childhood education.

She also obliges us by posing as a turtle for our amusement.


We've begun stocking up for summer, with fun toys and games, in addition to lots of good reading material.

And we're getting ready to kick our events season into high gear with the world premiere of MAKING SUPPER SAFE on June 7. (Author Ben Hewitt is pictured here at another world premiere--only last year, for THE TOWN THAT FOOD SAVED.)


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