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Yes, we have eBooks! January 14, 2011

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Google eBooksAs you may have heard by now, Google eBooks™ and the American Booksellers Association (ABA) have partnered to allow independent bookstores, The Galaxy Bookshop included, to offer our customers digital books.

If you have an e-reader device and have missed shopping for books at your local bookstore, we invite you to come back and browse! If you are interested in exploring the world of digital reading, we would be happy to help you.

With Google eBooks, we are pleased to offer you access to millions of titles that you can read whenever and wherever you wish. Google eBooks can be accessed in any Web browser, through Google reading apps for multi-function devices (Apple devices, Android, etc.), and most dedicated e-book devices (Sony, Nook, and other readers that run Adobe Content Server 4’s ePub DRM) with the exception of the Kindle.*

Because the Google eBook library is stored in the cloud (Google’s computer servers), it is easy to switch from one device to another as you continue to read a book while moving from place to place throughout the day. Each time you log in to your account to begin reading, you will be able to pick up in exactly the same place you left off the last time.

*Why not the Kindle? Kindle is a proprietary device made by Amazon. The only e-books that can be read on a Kindle are Kindle format books, and only Amazon sells Kindle books. If you are thinking about buying an e-reader, we ask you to consider the ability to continue supporting independent booksellers when you are looking at the variety of devices available. Once you purchase a Kindle, you will be bound to Amazon for all of your e-book purchases.

As your local, independent bookstore, we would love to help you find the reading selections you’ll enjoy most in any format — including e-books! For more information about Google eBooks, take a look at these FAQs.



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