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Served with a twist of lemon July 16, 2010

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After a couple of long, hot weeks, my brain feels something like butterscotch pudding, so even though I’ve read a number of wonderful books I’d like to review, I don’t see that happening today. Instead, here are some tidbits from the wonderful world of books.

NPR invites you to vote for the most thrilling books of all time. The Top 100 list will be announced August 2.

Also from Shelf Awareness, my friend Michele Filgate received high praise from Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Harding, who called her “one of the patron saints of  the book world.” I would wholeheartedly agree with him, and am renewing my vow to visit RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth, where (St.) Michele organizes a fantastic roster of events year-round.

One way some publishers are competing with growing e-book sales is to create books that can’t possibly be replicated in a digital format. These “luxury editions” might come with, say, a piece of moon rock or a bit of the blood of your favorite cricket start. (Um, ew?!) Most of us may never have the kind of money that would allow us to own a $15,000 biography of Muhammad Ali (comes with four autographed photos and a Jeff Koons sculpture), but it’s a fun bit of “book porn” to ogle.

Booksellers reminisce about their first “summer book” memories.

And while you’re reading that nice, fat novel–whether you’re on the beach or in a lawn chair–wouldn’t a tall, cool glass of lemonade be nice to have at hand? I found a great, simple, recipe at Our Best Bites that I’ve been making a lot this summer. Of course, I can’t ever follow recipes to the letter, so I use about half of the sugar, and instead of simmering it in water to dissolve, I pour a cup or so of warm-to-hot tap water in my container, stir in the sugar till dissolved, then add the rest of the ingredients; prepare a glass with ice, and enjoy!


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