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Look! We’re on TV! July 1, 2010

Posted by Galaxy in Local Happenings.
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It’s Thursday morning, and as I type, Kristin Carlson of WCAX News is interviewing Linda for a three-part series about independently owned businesses in Vermont. Linda’s talking about how she opened the store, the store’s role in our community, and the impact of the economic recession on our business.

They’ve asked me to stand at the counter, in the background, so that there’s “something going on,” which means that even though I’m not in the camera’s focus, I’m feeling a lot of pressure here to provide adequate and appropriate background action. Typing a blog seemed like it would keep me busy without looking like I’m trying to hard. Oh, the pressure!

Whew – interview’s over, so now it’s just a matter of Joe, the camera man, walking around the store to get some B-roll footage. It sounds, so far, like it’s going to be a great segment!

The piece they just filmed, along with two others on locally owned businesses–Capitol Stationers and Franklin Telephone Company–will air next week, one per night, beginning Tuesday on the six o’clock news.


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