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This Just In: New Kids’ Items! May 27, 2010

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Summer’s coming, and with that in mind, we’re getting in lots of new items for the store. Just this week, we’ve gotten in some shipments from Rich Frog (a Vermont-based toy company) and Peaceable Kingdom. I’ve had so much fun setting up new displays that I wanted to show you a little of what to look for next time you’re here.

From stickers to flashlights (and books, of course, always books) there are lots of great little items here to keep kids busy over summer vacation. We have sticker sets that glitter and glow in the dark and kits that include entire scenes where the reusable stickers can be placed and repositioned to create as many stories as your imagination allows.

I love the Rich Frog wind-up toys. Rich Frog excels at simple and cute designs for their creatures–we’ve got dinosaurs, bees, frogs, sea turtles, and inchworms, each with their own special “personality”: the dinosaurs walk, the frogs do somersaults, and the bees hop. It might not be scientifically accurate, but it’s quite entertaining.

At left, see evidence of the inchworm’s powers of entertainment.

Rich Frog also has some great little flashlights, which could be just as muchfun for adults as kids, decorated with designs like penguins, aliens, butterflies, and turtles. Each package includes some information about the pictured creature, so it’s educational as well as fun! I particularly like the “anti-monster” flashlight, because who doesn’t need one of those?

Not pictured, but we’ve also gotten a variety of eye-popping 3-D bookmarks, good for all ages, and a great selection of birthday cards for kids. AND, due to popular demand, we’ve finally gotten some cards to celebrate new babies.

One more thing, before the end: we know that summer isn’t officially here until graduation season is over, and if you’re looking for a special gift, we have some great suggestions for you–take a look at the table by the door for a quick browse or ask us for a more personalized recommendation!


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