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Get Lost in a good book May 24, 2010

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As a fan of the tv drama Lost, I’d like to pay my small homage to the show that has entertained, mystified, frustrated, and amazed me and millions of other viewers over the past six years. In my mind, one of the best things that Lost brought to television was its writers’ love of literature.  References to books popped up in nearly every episode, whether in a character’s name, like Henry Gale (not to mention the plethora of philosopher’s names that were used in the series); or the use of a book title as an episode title, such as ‘A Tale of Two Cities;’  or a shot of a book cover, whether being read by a character or sitting on a shelf. It was a great way for the writers to both work in some of their own favorite stories and give fans a little extracurricular work to do–many ‘Losties’ read the books referenced in the show to try to develop theories about what was happening and why and where the show was headed.

So, in honor of perhaps the most literary-minded show on network television, here are a few links to suggested Lost reading.

The LA Times talks to the show’s creators about some of the most influential books of the series.

Squidoo offers a fun selection of reading lists, from Sawyer’s wide array of titles to the Others’ book club picks.

TV Guide’s choices for the 13 books that most influenced the series.

Dark UFO is a Lost blog with a whole section dedicated to chronicling books on the show.

Of course, for a full bibliography (and more information about a tv show than you thought could exist outside of the world of Star Trek) visit Lostpedia.

And just for fun–because it really doesn’t have anything to do with books–Lost, as depicted in cakes.


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