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Review: A Year Without Made in China April 17, 2009

Posted by Galaxy in Book Reviews.
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Written by Stella Johnson

I have just finished the book A Year Without Made In China by Sara Bongiorni. The title alone made me want to read it. The book is a humorously written and educational real-life account of an attempt by one family to boycott buying goods made in China for one year. The boycott begins two days after New Years Day when the author realizes that China has invaded their lives with cheap toys, electronics, clothing and shoes. With the reluctant agreement of her husband and children, Sara starts a yearlong journey of trying to buy products–including food–produced in places other than China. As the year progresses, questions crop up such as: Should family and friends be included in the boycott? Can you buy an inexpensive pair of sunglasses made in the USA or Italy? Can you deal with a husband with no fashion sense when he wears two mismatched sandals because he can’t buy a pair that aren’t considered contraband? How do you handle a family that wants to boycott you when the strain of not buying Chinese products becomes too difficult? The year is pitted with challenges and, at times, pitfalls when China inadvertently sneaks into their home or when Sara circumvents the boycott by asking her sister-in-law to buy a gift for her husband for his birthday. This is a fun book and is well worth reading. It certainly gives the reader food for thought, encourages people to think carefully about what they purchase and may even give them an incentive to buy locally!


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