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Green eggs for breakfast March 27, 2009

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written by Sandy

This Wednesday, Linda and I had a terrific morning with Lesa, Angela, and the rest of the Hardwick Head Start and Early Head Start crew. They invited us to come by for breakfast and storytime (also known as “circle”) so that they could show us some of the things they bought with the money raised in our Read-a-Thon last October. For anyone not familiar with the Read-a-Thon, we had nearly 40 participants who spent some part or all of 24 hours at The Galaxy Bookshop doing a reading marathon fundraiser. The community raised over $800 for Hardwick Head Start!

With that money, Early Head Start and Head Start were able to purchase new furniture for their circle area, some books, and a gift certificate to The Galaxy Bookshop for every student enrolled in the program.

We started off the morning with a breakfast of very green eggs, with ham (not green), toast, juice, and milk. Not everyone was brave enough to try the colorful eggs, but those who did agreed that they tasted very good, and quite a bit like regular eggs. After breakfast, Lesa presented us with an oversized book that the teachers and students had put together for us, called The Big Thank You Book.

Messages from the Head Start students

Messages from the Head Start students

It tells the story of the Read-a-Thon, along with photos from the big event, some lovely glitter art, and handwritten notes from every student at the end of the book. We’ll be keeping the book on display in the store, so please come by to see it!

Spending time with the people at Head Start, we were able to see first hand what a wonderful service they are offering to the community. It’s not an easy task to keep 26 small children focused, engaged, and well-behaved, but the Head Start team is doing just that, every day. They, and we, are so grateful to the support our community showed for Head Start’s work by participating in our Read-a-Thon. We anticipate holding a second Read-a-Thon fundraiser this fall, so stay tuned for future updates. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch with us at the bookstore anytime.

The Big Bear enjoys The Big Thank You Book

Our Big Bear enjoys The Big Thank You Book


1. Bill Andrews - March 31, 2009

Add in another big thank you from Bill Andrews, for all the great work you do. It is terrific to learn more about your efforts with the Head Start program.
Also wonderful to know you will be regularly blogging on books and events in the Galaxy.

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